transient urbanity hub


may 2011
– initial thoughts of writing a dissertation by reading “Aerotropolis – The Way the We Will Live Next”

june 2011
– concretization of dissertation idea and topic

july 2011
– contact with Professor Jessen of Stuttgart University

august 2011
– reading of airport/ airport-city related literature

september 2011
– conception of dissertation exposé
– first daft of exposé

october 2011
– second draft of exposé

november 2011
– exposé approved by Professor Jessen
– exposé approved by ‘Promotionsausschuss’, Stuttgart University
– reading of fundamental literature

december 2011
– meeting with Professor Jessen in Stuttgart (discussion of exposé and future road map of work)

january 2012
– gathering information about possible airports for case study

february 2012
– intensive search for scholarships and research funds

march 2012
– pre-selection of possible airport projects

april 2012
– preparation for “Airport Cities Conference” in Denver

may 2012
– main selection of case study projects

june 2012
– preparation for colloquium at Stuttgart University

july 2012
– doctoral colloquium at Stuttgart University
– adjustment of case study research depth

august 2012 – july 2013
– work on theoretical part
– reading of fundamental literature


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