How Visited Countries and Places of Residency Can Correlate

Earlier on this blog, I discussed what distinguishes glomads, the globalized nomads of the 21st century (please see blog entry “glomads” or click here: Having lived and worked on three continents, I consider myself a glomad. To better understand which places I have been to and lived at throughout my life, I mapped them. The map below shows that most of the destinations I visited were on the three continents I also lived on so far (Europe, North America, and Asia). These destinations were approximately within a 2000 kilometer radius around the respective places of residency (only a trip to Brazil serves as an exception here):

glomad map
The map clearly shows that travel destinations and places of residency are correlated.

The map is deceiving in the sense that it cannot account for any long-distance travel I took while holding these residencies (trips while living in Europe to North America and Asia or trips while living in Asia to Europe and North America, etc.). On the other hand, a lot of destinations on a specific continent were actually reached while also living on that particular continent. Hereby it is interesting to note that my predominant means of transportation within Europe were trains whereas a lot of destinations in the USA were reached by car while living there (atypical for the continent where the airplane actually is the long-distance travel vehicle). In China, the airplane was my prevalent travel means. These mobility choices reflect to some extend their status and importance on these continents: an automobile-dominated North America and a well-established and expansive rail network in Europe. Merely in China my dominant choice of transport means was atypical for the country since trains still account for most of long-distance travel.

Analyzing my travel behavior further, it becomes evident that there also is a direct correlation between my travel destinations and the duration I lived on the continents of these destinations: The biggest number of destinations can be found on the continent I have lived on the longest: Europe. North America is second in this regard and Asia is third. Furthermore, the countries visited most are also the countries of residency.

glomad map (country count)
The countries visited most are also the countries of residency: Germany, the USA, China, and the Netherlands.


Obviously, travel and living arrangements are different for each glomad and depend on their personal lifestyles and professional demands. However, a specific clustering of travel destinations around multiple places of residency – as in my case – should be characteristic for glomads in general given their general travel and mobility needs.