Intercontinental Travel Within the Last 22 Years

Flights between Europe, North America, and China constitute the bulk of my personal intercontinental travel. The following map shows the number of flights between these continents since my first intercontinental trip in 1990. Corresponding with the gross of international travels, flights between Europe and North America top my list with a total of 40 individual flights. My flights between the United States and Asia as well as Europe and Asia are currently tied with 19 trips each. This amounts to a total of 88 intercontinental trips. Considering the time span of 22 years since 1990, this makes for an average of two intercontinental return trips per year.

My travel routes since 1990.

My daughter, born in 2008, has accumulated 19 intercontinental trips between North America, Europe, and Asia in the last four years (and would qualify as what i coin a glomad* – a globalized nomad). With relatives scattered over three continents, long-distance travel for us has become a necessity for staying in touch through touch.

The travel pattern of my four-year old daughter.

* for an article on glomads, please see the following piece on aeroSCAPE: